Why choose H1 Care at Home

About Us

H1 Healthcare is a successful Scottish based company providing suitably qualified Medical and Care professionals to both the Public and Private healthcare sectors in the UK. 

The H1 Healthcare group of companies includes two specialist Care focussed entities in H1 Care at Home and H1 Complex Care, both providing exceptional people centric services, aimed specifically at individuals who are experiencing life challenges or are the subject of a life changing event, yet wish to remain as independent as their situations allow.

We understand the value derived from continuity, particularly when everything around you seems to be changing. The strong senses of security, comfort and familiarity that come from living in your own home, further strengthen by making qualified decisions about your care, reinforce your confidence in the future and contribute positively to your wellbeing. 

​Each of our two home based services have been designed to provide care choices at levels of intensity in direct proportion to your needs, those of a family member or client. But, all geared to achieving independence wherever possible or the best possible life balance.