Voices from the front line

We love what we do, and we think that we do it pretty well.
​But don't just take our word for it...

​Christobel, Aberdeen

My husband George has been a client of H1 Care at Home Aberdeen since late May and we have been extremely pleased with the care and attention he has received.

From our first contact with Marta what has been promised has been delivered, efficiently, pleasantly and with great sensitivity to Georges’ wishes.

Our carers have been well trained, competent and comfortable in the use of George’s transfer equipment. In addition to the precise task of personal care they have expanded George’s social contact. It has been and is a pleasant experience for my husband who was initially very apprehensive about his care and situation.

We are very comfortable in providing this reference and feel that the company in Aberdeen is well ran, efficient, and provides an excellent service for its clients. Of course the direction comes from the head and all praise should go to Marta whose values filter down to her personnel.

Yours sincerely

Margaret A, Aberdeen

H1 Care at Home have provided home and personal care for my elderly parents since January 2016. Both of my parents are diagnosed with dementia and their condition has steadily deteriorated during the year. Both parents require a high level of support, and frequently present with extremely challenging behaviour.

I have found the level of care provided by H1 Care at Home to be exceptionally good. We have used a few other care providers for my parents, but have found that H1 Care at Home provide a level of support which surpasses other companies, allowing us to better manage my parents’ needs. In particular, H1 Care at Home offer better personal communication with the care co-ordinator and extremely competent care workers. Our care co-ordinator, Marta Kantor has gone to great lengths to match the care staff with my parents’ needs and personalities which has helped to reduce conflicts. She has been very flexible and pragmatic when any problems or issues have arisen, and has somehow managed to keep everyone happy. I have had no problems contacting anyone from H1 Care at Home as someone is always on call, and all issues and requests have been addressed promptly and professionally.

We are now using H1 Care at Home as our sole care provider and I am sure my parents would be in a home without their continued support. I am extremely grateful for the support and care that Marta and her team are providing for my family.