Children's Services

Smoothing the transition from childhood to adulthood

Childhood is a time of wonder, exploration, learning and growing, which is why H1 Complex Care is very focussed on helping every child in our care fill their lives with colour, experiences, love and laughter. Experience has proven our early intervention can enable a child to positively reframe their situation and to reimagine a different kind of future which is as socially integrated as their abilities permit.

This is a precious time, for both family and child, when trust and relationships are built - values which will become increasingly important as your child grows up. This extraordinary journey will be punctuated with all the life challenges that surround families, as well as some that cannot the legislated for.

So, our care, compassion and overall consideration includes the wellbeing of parents, siblings and other family carers, as well as the child. We see our role as a holistic one which recognises that intensive love and devotion also has the capacity to drain human batteries to the detriment of other family members.

Whether it’s a short break from daily routine, a period of respite or perhaps a chaperoned break with family that’s required to put a little equilibrium back into everyone’s lives, we’re here to help because, there’s nothing stronger than a family unit when it feels strongly capable of coping at every life stage.

This is also why we don’t say goodbye when your child reaches eighteen years of age. All the care, compassion and friendship you will come to expect will / can continue as we transition them towards a balanced and fulfilling adult life.

This lifetime management approach is what sets H1 Complex Care apart and provides our service users with seamless and stress-less continuity.