Get away from it all

Holiday from Home

There’s no better feeling than getting away from it all and this is perhaps all the truer for individuals who have limited mobility or are severely disabled. 

The sun in your face, the wind in your hair, tasting new or different food, making new acquaintances and generally, just changing your routine are all good for the soul. This is why holidays accompanied by your carers means you can enjoy a well-deserved break, whether or not your family form part of your travelling group.  

Maybe you would like to return to a favourite seaside town or visit a country setting that holds fond memories? Perhaps, you would like to venture farther afield, get involved in activities like swimming in a pool or the sea? It may even be taking your child on their first overseas holiday! These can be a real thrill. But if the buzz of a nightclub is more your thing, then you only have to ask. The choice is yours!

To find out more about accompanied holidays with H1 Complex Care contact Carolann Lanigan at